What is Electroforming?

Electroforming refers to the principle of electrodeposition, so that the solution contains gold and other metal components, according to a specific ratio of stable deposition on the mandrels, and the formation of sufficient thickness layer technology. The electroforming K-gold is the hollow K-gold products obtained after removing the embryonic base, and its advantage is that the surface is large and light, and the hardness is much higher than that of the conventional inverted molded K-gold products, so the luster of electroforming K-gold jewelry is brighter after polishing.

Advantages of Electroforming

  • Versatile Gold Options: Jewelry can be made in 14/18/22 karat gold 
  • Intricate Three-Dimensional Designs: Thin, hollow items in complex shapes are possible.
  • Lightweight and Modern: Large modern shapes with low weight and uniform wall thickness can be achieved.
  • Scalable Production: Large or small numbers of each design can be produced economically.
  • Cost-Effective Process: No expensive tooling required for each design.
  • Fulfills Fineness Requirements: Meets requirements for hallmarking.
  • Reasonable Metal Input and Consumption: Efficient utilization of metal.

Our Manufacturing Process - Step 1

The surface of the special low-melting point mandrels are electroformed into high-smoothing copper to achieve mirror smoothness and complete the pre-treatment work.

Our Manufacturing Process - Step 2

Pre-treated objects are placed into the K-gold electroforming, and K-gold of the specified color and composition is uniformly adsorbed onto the surface of the objects until it reaches a certain thickness and weight, and then it is taken out of the tank.

Our Manufacturing Process - Step 3

Electroformed K-gold objects undergo a series of complex processes, including drilling of holes in specific locations, heating to remove the core, pickling to remove residual impurities, and hardening. The aim of these steps is to obtain a hollow semi-finished product made entirely of K-gold. These processes are carried out in the K-gold electroforming workshop and result in a semi-finished product made of K-gold.

Our Manufacturing Process - Step 4

After assembling the semi-finished electroformed K-gold products with the rest of the components, they undergo finishing processes such as molding, polishing, and plating to make the final electroformed K-gold products.